the proposalThe Proposal is the kind of movie you can take your mother to. In fact, I did, and we both enjoyed it. A pretty standard romantic comedy, it was a fun diversion on a rainy day.

Sandra Bullock plays a high-strung, tyrannical book editor in Manhattan who is about to be deported to her native Canada. So she blackmails her hard-working, oft-abused assistant, played by Ryan Reynolds, into being her fiancé so she can stay in the country and keep her job. Of course, the charade turns to real romance on a trip to visit his family in Alaska. Along the way there are some sweet moments and quite a few funny ones – many of those supplied by the hilarious Betty White who plays Reynolds’ grandmother.

If you’re in the mood for an old-fashioned romantic comedy, this is one to see. You won’t be blown away but you’ll be amused.

3 thoughts on “The Proposal”
  1. One of your friends, or maybe it was Mainstream Chick’s, said on Facebook that the poster for this movie had Sandra B’s butt looking strange and I agree. What is with that photo? Did they decide that a booty shot would make her look hot and get guys to go to a chick flick? I can just hear the photographer, “More arch Sandy, no more, more…” It looks odder and odder the more you look at it. And it makes my back hurt, too.

  2. Hmmm… I hadn’t noticed but now that you point it out. Maybe it’s the ridiculous shoes that they put her in. Those have got to be five inch heels at least.

  3. I finally saw The Proposal on PPV and fully concur with Adventurous Chick’s review. It is indeed a fairly standard, yet perfectly enjoyable chick flick. It’s the kind of movie I expect to see running a thousand times on TBS, TNT, etc. in the years ahead – like “You’ve Got Mail” or “Overboard” or “Miss Congeniality”. You’ll be able to tune in and out of it at random and still get a smile. And wow, I really liked Ryan Reynolds in this – almost as much as I liked Bill Pullman in the Sandra Bullock romcom, “While You Were Sleeping” (a personal holiday favorite).

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