Did you enjoy the first Sex And The City movie? Did you gather up the gal pals (and maybe even some guy pals) to down a few cosmopolitans and watch the movie en masse? Was a good time had by all? If so, it really doesn’t matter what the critics have to say about SATC2. It’s entertaining enough to warrant a repeat outing with friends. And if you didn’t like – or bother seeing- the first SATC, then run, don’t walk to the nearest exit. You’ll hate this one even more.

What you see in the trailer is basically what you get: a high-end ‘road trip’ to Abu Dhabi where Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha bond with each other – and in the case of Samantha, a hunk or two.

Before they hit the road (or the desert), however, there’s some sex in the city of NYC. In fact, it takes nearly an hour to get out of town. And that brings me to the movie’s biggest flaw – its running time. At 2:26, SATC2 is at least a half-hour too long. It starts out strong, then drags, then picks up steam, then drags again… you get the picture.

This is definitely one of those movies where audience reaction helps it along, operating as a laugh track of sorts. So go with a crowd. It’s better that way. There are some fun, laugh-out-loud moments (thank you, Liza Minelli), a few cringes and moans (it’s rated R for a reason), and plenty of groans for the countless bad puns, which I won’t divulge for the sake of those who might go and see it. Okay, maybe just one… a reference to “Bedouin, Bath and Beyond”.

Is there a plot? Hmmmm. Sure, as much as a tv-series-turned-movie-franchise can muster. In this case, Carrie’s feeling bored in her marriage to Big (the endearing Chris Noth), Charlotte’s feeling overwhelmed by motherhood, Miranda is underwhelmed with her high-power law career, and Samantha is menopausal. The horror!

SATC2 is designed to appeal to its fan base – those who will appreciate the movie for the clothes, the shoes, the extravagance, the sisterhood. You know who you are. Enough said.

One thought on “Sex And The City 2”
  1. I went to see this with my Mom because she said she wanted to see something “fun and light” and she thought SATC2 would fit the bill. It did. I know it’s been getting slammed by critics elsewhere but it’s a bit of harmless cinema fun. I agree with Mainstream Chick that it could have been shorter by at least a half an hour and I did groan out loud at a few of the bad puns… “Lawrence of my labia”… really? Ugh. And I wish that Samantha had been less of an “ugly American” while the girls were in the Middle East. But overall, I enjoyed it. It had a few laughs and it was fun to catch up with the characters that I’ve followed since the series began. If you’ve been a fan of SATC all along I say see it… preferably with a few like-minded friends and after a cosmo or two.

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