Yes, I went to see this movie. How did this happen to me? A friend came to town with her 7-year-old daughter and my 12-year-old nephew was here, and they both really wanted to see it, and we wanted them to be happy children. And so they were. The adults? Not so much. Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore is not one of those kids’ movies that grown-ups like, too. It is made for kids and that’s about it.

The gist of it is that there is a police dog that goes rogue and gets shut away in the kennel. Then the floor opens and he is whisked underground to be recruited by the doggie CIA. He is needed to take on the evil Kitty Galore who is planning to destroy the human race by making all the dogs crazy using her own ingeniously designed satellite. Poor Kitty was someone’s pet until a horrible hair removal cream accident turned her into a hairless freak no one could love. So it is dogs vs. cats – or so you’d think. But it seems the feline intelligence agents called MEOWS are just as upset about Kitty Galore and so they all team up to stop her and save the world and their humans.

There are lots of groan-worthy jokes, way too many pop culture references that must have made the writers howl, but are way too old for any of the target audience to get, and more spy clichés than you can count. So I’d say, take your kids, ‘cause they’ll like it. But if you can talk them into waiting for the DVD (bribes are fine, really), save yourself the hour and a half.

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