Pitch Perfect 2 posterPitch Perfect 2 is a perfectly entertaining movie. From a plot perspective, it doesn’t measure up to its 2012 surprise-hit predecessor Pitch Perfect, but what it lacks in story, it makes up for in gleeful fun. Here’s the gist: the Bellas of Barden University are riding high as three-time national a capella champions. But an embarrassing faux pas and wardrobe malfunction during a performance at the Kennedy Center (for the POTUS no less) results in the school suspending the all-girl singing group, now comprised mostly of seniors who really need to be thinking about life after college anyway. The gals strike a deal with the school – and the a capella governing body – that if they can pull off an upset victory at an International competition that no American group has ever won, then the Bellas will be reinstated, and all will be forgiven. Ready, set, cue the music! What follows is pure fun, with informal sing-offs, bonding exercises, surprise cameos, and the return of Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins in all their satirical glory as professional commentators for the singing competitions. They are hysterically inappropriate.

The cast is largely the same from the first movie. The disgustingly-talented (and I mean that in the nicest way) Anna Kendrick is back as Beca, the glue that holds the group together – and the key to getting them back on top. Rebel Wilson’s character, Fat Amy, is, once again, a total scene stealer (in the best possible way). And the Barden guys are back too, including Beca and Fat Amy’s love interests, in somewhat minor supporting – and supportive – roles.

Pitch Perfect 2 is rated PG-13, but good luck keeping younger fans of the first one away from the theater this weekend (including my just-turning-11 niece Lily)! And that’s okay. Pitch Perfect 2 is actually far less edgy than Pitch Perfect 1. It’s an easy-breezy, fun, music-filled movie that older kids and adults (even football fans!) can also enjoy, despite a totally predictable outcome.

Another prediction: Pitch Perfect 3.

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