steakVegetarians need not bother with this one. This gustatory documentary is lovingly prepared for steak lovers around the world. French writer-director Franck Ribière travels the globe in search of the best steak, since according to him they don’t do it well in France. (Who knew?) He flits from France to Scotland, to Argentina and Brazil, to the US and Sweden and many other out of the way spots. Along the way he talks with ranchers, butchers, food writers, and chefs. He meets their cattle and sees how and what they are fed. And he tastes all manner of great steaks, ranking the top 10 steak restaurants in the world. It is truly drool worthy!

Each of the ranchers has a reason why his or hers is the best beef. Some of them swear by the grass-fed method for the best taste. Others think it is their particular breed. I never knew there were so many kinds. The Japanese farmers massage theirs with sake and play Mozart for them. Many of them believe that the happy cow is the best meat. The film is a deep dive into the small ranching industry, and the ways that personal beliefs play a role in how great meat is produced, but also how there is a revolution going on in our attitudes about meat and its production methods. The filmmaker meets a lot of interesting characters and you learn a lot about ranching and cooking in the process. It isn’t technically a great film, but it is a fun foodie road trip. And you’ll be craving a meal at the best steak house you can find after seeing it. The sole American restaurant on his list is Peter Lugar in Brooklyn. Book your table and see this first. Bon appetit! I’ll take mine rare.

Opens in New York’s on July 17 and in Los Angeles, San Francisco and DC on August 28. If you can’t find it near you, wait for it on streaming services. It won’t lose much on a small screen.

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