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Review: The Song of Names

I was going to make this more of a full-blown review but then decided not to bother, as the film itself is simply too unsatisfying to recommend. I wanted to like it. The premise seemed quite interesting. The first half was slow but engaging. The performances were solid. The music was hauntingly beautiful. And yet – the last half-hour destroyed whatever goodwill I was feeling toward the film by taking the final act in a direction that was awkward and annoying. Talk about ending on a sour note!

Killer Elite

We’re late to the party on Killer Elite. But it’s certainly not a chick flick and frankly, it will probably be out of theaters faster than Jason Statham could kick your a$$. From this chick’s perspective, Statham is one of the two things this movie has going for it. The other is Clive Owen. Beyond that, it’s pretty much a mess. Supposedly it’s based on a true story. Um, okay if they say so. What that story is, I’m not sure and I didn’t really care enough to Google it and find out.

The Boys Are Back

These boys are definitely worth a couple of hours of your time. All three, Clive Owen and the two young actors who play his sons, give wonderful performances in The Boys Are Back. It’s the story of sportswriter Joe Warr, played by Owen, who becomes a single parent when his wife dies of cancer. It’s a story that could have easily veered into tearjerker territory, and I was ready for that with lots of tissues on hand, but it didn’t. Sure there were a few moments when I shed a tear, but there were also moments when I laughed and a few when I wanted to smack Joe in the back of the head for his male obliviousness.