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Review: Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness

Wait, how did Tiger King get on here? It’s a documentary series, not a film! Too bad. I’m giving myself permission to write up (or not write up) whatever the heck I feel like until we’re through the Covid-19 pandemic. I didn’t want to watch Tiger King. It’s seven episodes! About a bunch of odd ducks who own Big Cats! So not my bag. But my curiosity got the better of me, especially as my social media feeds exploded with references to this “crazy” “wait – it gets crazier” “trainwreck of a show” featuring a mulleted, gun-toting, polygamist country-music singer who presides over a roadside zoo in Oklahoma. Tiger King – and its bizarre cast of characters – has obviously captured the cultural zeitgeist. So I devoted my rainy Saturday in social isolation to gorge on this ‘stranger than fiction’ true-crime saga best described (or reasoned away) as comfort food for the twisted soul.