And the Oscar Goes To… Not a Clue

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Adam Sandler movies tend to be hit or miss for me – with the misses far outweighing the hits in recent years. But he’s definitely found a winning formula with Drew Barrymore. Blended isn’t as good as their previous joint offerings (50 First Dates, The Wedding Singer) but it’s still an amusing flick that the whole family can watch together without being terribly mortified, embarrassed or disgusted.

Big Miracle

Big Miracle is a harmless family film. If you’re looking for a nice, wholesome movie to take the kids to this weekend, this is a fine choice. But if you don’t have kids clamoring to go see something, there’s no reason to pay for this one. It’s “inspired by” the true story of three gray whales that got trapped beneath rapidly forming arctic ice in Northern Alaska in 1988 and the international effort to save them. And it’s a good thing it’s based on actual events, otherwise this whale tale would be way too far-fetched. It just goes to show you sometimes truth is stranger (or cheesier) than fiction.

2010 Fall Movies

We’re moving out of the summer blockbuster kids’ movies and into the fall when traditionally a more serious adult roster hits the screens. This year? Well, there are a few that seem Oscar worthy, several with our favorite men headlining, a couple that look like real chick flicks and what just might be some nice comedies. See for yourself.

Whip It

Whip It is a good little chick flick. Sure, it’s predictable and thin on story. But it’s fun – a theatrical joyride on skates. Think Juno meets Roller Derby.