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The Lunchbox

In this lovely little Indian chick flick, two lonely strangers meet through an accidental food delivery mix-up. Saajan is an accountant, a month away from early retirement when he starts receiving the wrong lunchbox from his lunch delivery person. I didn’t know that there were such wonderful services available, but in Mumbai, thousands of people have hot lunches brought to their offices daily, many cooked at home just hours before. In this case, Ila thinks she is cooking for her emotionally distant husband, but once she finds out that another man is appreciating her cooking, she keeps on sending him her delicious food. It helps that Saajan has sent a note to her in the returned lunchbox praising her culinary skills, something her husband has never done. Soon she is sending food with her own notes, which he is happy to respond to, and their relationship develops from there.

Julie & Julia

Meryl Streep has channeled Julia Child. She is marvelous. I love her. Like Julia, I love food and I love cooking, so this movie spoke to me, though I am sure you could be culinarily impaired and still enjoy it on many levels. It is very frequently very funny and just plain fun to watch.

Food, Inc.

Go see this movie. But be forewarned, it could quite possibly alter the way you and your family eat. This is a well-done documentary about the Food Industry in America. Yes, there are disturbing images – you see animals killed, you see slaughterhouses – but what’s truly appalling is the state our nation’s food system is in.