And the Oscar Goes To… Not a Clue

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I wasn’t blown away by Battleship, though a lot of stuff does blow up real good! So if you like explosions galore and a bloodless (though high) body count, then Battleship might be a ‘hit’. Otherwise, consider it a ‘miss’. B-10! Get it?

Battleship is “inspired by” the classic naval combat board game by Hasbro. That explains why there’s no real plot or character development. Just your good ol’ fashioned heroes (go Navy!) and villains (Aliens, go home!).


If you’re a fan of Liam Neeson and you like movies like The Bourne Identity, then you really can’t go wrong with Unknown. It’s a classic psychological thriller that leaves you wondering what’s what for a solid, fast-moving two hours.

The Next Three Days

Sometimes, ya just have to let a few things slide and enjoy the ride. That’s how I feel about The Next Three Days. All in all, it’s a satisfying action flick that pushes the boundaries of believability but skillfully avoids the nasty trap of predictability. It’s a crime drama and psychological thriller wrapped in a bit of a romance – without the overt heaviness and brutality of the critically-acclaimed, recently-released heist movie The Town.

The A-Team

I don’t remember much about The A-Team television show from the 1980s. I do remember my little brother was a big fan of the crew of misfits who traveled around the country helping people in need. This was the slight memory I took with me went I went to see the big screen version of The A-Team.