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Star Trek Beyond

The third installment of the Star Trek reboot is for me the weakest yet, relying on big battles and CGI more than the characters and stories that made the first two so much fun. Which is not to say it isn’t entertaining. I mean it is Star Trek! There is still witty repartee between the crew, and lots of derring-do, mostly by Kirk. And an evil nemesis, this time a scaly alien named Krall (Idris Elba). And the future of the universe does hang in the balance. So it has all the elements you expect. But J.J. Abrams is not at the helm of the franchise this time, and Justin Lin (Fast and Furious) doesn’t quite manage the same balance of adventure and comedy. Nevertheless, as escapist entertainment goes, it works.

Star Trek Into Darkness

I enjoyed Star Trek Into Darkness, but I wouldn’t call it a “must-see” unless you’re a true Trekkie – or, at the very least, a casual fan of the TV and/or movie franchise. The more you know of the characters and the mythology going in, the more you’re likely to appreciate the latest round of challenges facing the familial crew of the Starship Enterprise. Most of the diehard fans have already seen the movie or read the spoilers relating to the villain. But I’m going to play it safe and keep it simple. Basically, the plot involves the Starfleet facing a major threat from within. Ultimately, Captain Kirk and his crew take it upon themselves to venture into some dark territory to capture the one-man wrecking crew responsible for a whole lot of death and destruction. The bad guy is played by Benedict Cumberbatch, who I’d never heard of, but certainly has a name (and face) to remember!

Star Trek

I’m a little late to the party, but I finally saw the new “Star Trek” movie over the weekend. My expectations were probably a tad too high going in based on all the raves from chicks and roosters alike whose opinions I trust and value. Don’t get me wrong – I enjoyed the movie, especially the performances of the new (young) Kirk and Spock. As a fan of CHiPS, I got an extra special kick out of seeing the son of Ponch and Jon’s old boss (remember Sgt. Catraire, played by Robert Pine?) in the lead role. Chris Pine looks a lot like his dad, only (sorry senior Mr. Pine), cuter.

Star Trek

The latest entry into the vast canon of Star Trek movies and TV series is a whole lot of fun.  Cute guys in the leads, Zachary Quinto as Spock and Chris Pine as Kirk, certainly don’t take away from the pleasure.  But beyond that it has a good story, going back to where they began their careers in Star Fleet academy. It is no doubt a prequel to all the rest of the movies to come in that  we are introduced one by one to the characters that defined the original series: Uhura, Sulu, Chekov, Scotty and Bones, each takes their place along side Kirk as he performs one heroic feat after another on his path to becoming the captain.  By the end, we are set up for any and all sequels they want to make. And I hope there are many, if they can continue in this vein.