ChickFlix is a blog developed by Jill Boniske, Hannah Buchdahl and Ellen Carl– three women on a mission to offer fun, informative, easy to digest movie reviews from a uniquely female perspective.

The concept was ‘hatched’ during a lively discussion about what makes a good chick flick. It evolved into a broader discussion about what makes a good movie – regardless of its studio-prescribed classification or target audience.

We do not ‘rate’ movies. We simply offer our take on various flicks that may be available on the big screen, small screen or DVD. We don’t presume to speak for all chicks. We strongly encourage discussion and debate in the comments section. We hope to build a community of movie fans and expand our offerings to include suggestions on movie pairings, complementary food and beverages, etc.

And we’ve gotten some good press about our way of doing things, too! Oprah gave us a great shout out in her mag. And Lifehacker named us one of the Five Best Movie Recommendation Services. Not too shabby.

A little about the chicks.

Mainstream Chick a.k.a. Hannah Buchdahl spent about 15 years as a producer/writer in broadcast news before venturing out into the wild and wacky world of reality/infotainment/entertainment television. She loves escaping to the movies – in a big ol’ theater with stadium seating (or on the lawn at an outdoor movie fest). She doesn’t really have a favorite genre. It just depends on the mood. But she tends to favor a solid romantic comedy over anything heavy on guts and gore (or sophomoric humor). That said – she can usually get behind just about any movie as long as it has good characters, good acting, and a decent plot. Or at least one of the above. Since 2015, she’s co-hosted a weekly podcast called “The Cinema Clash with Charlie and Hannah.” Episodes are broadcast Saturday and Sunday on RadioStPete.com and are available On Demand at blogtalkradio.com/cinemaclash and on iTunes. Hannah is a proud member of the Washington DC Area Film Critics Association (WAFCA) and the Online Association of Female Film Critics (OAFFC).

From her earliest days running around barefoot in the mountains of Appalachia, Arty Chick a.k.a. Jill Boniske loved escaping into the wonderful world of movies. So after a short stint in film school she dove headlong into the realm of cinema working on cult classics and big budget flops. Unfortunately, none of those movies could possibly be considered a chick flick – though she did get to work closely (his dressing room was next to her office) with Richard Gere and shared a brief on-screen moment with (one degree) Kevin Bacon. A devil-may-care move to the left coast marked the beginning of a descent into the wicked world of reality television. But the glitz and glamor of Hollywood was not strong enough to keep Arty Chick in the states and after too many years in the trenches she was whisked away to Shanghai to direct China’s first ever reality show. Years living and working abroad exacerbated Arty Chick’s adoration of the exotic. She loves the quirky or the original and is pretty bugged by cliché and conventionality. Occasionally she falls for the blockbuster, but more often than not she is the indie, doc, foreign film aficionado. She’s a member of the NC Film Critics Association.

Adventurous Chick a.k.a Ellen Carl is up for just about anything – whether it’s climbing a mountain or a seeing a low-budget documentary playing in just two theaters in the country. Animation, action and romantic comedies rank high on her list but please no horror, no sappy, epic love stories and no movies over two hours and 15 minutes long – and it better be damn good if it goes that long! After many years in the news and infotainment biz, she’s got a short attention span. More often than not, she wants a movie to leave her laughing when she leaves the theater, but she also likes a movie to leave her thinking. Any movie that’s still on her mind two days after she’s seen it is a winner in her book. (Note: Adventurous Chick is currently on hiatus).

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