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Quickie ‘Guest Chick’ Review: Maze Runner: The Death Cure

Full disclosure: I don’t know a Glader from a Wader. I’ve never read the books and somehow missed the first two installments of the young adult dystopian sci-fi Maze Runner movie franchise. So I wasn’t about to play hookie from my day job to catch a mid-afternoon screening of Maze Runner: The Death Cure, aka Maze Runner 3, the “epic finale” of the Maze Runner saga. I’m told the story has something to do with a group of escaped Gladers breaking into the legendary Last City, a dangerous and deadly labyrinth. Will they find closure – and a way out? Do they have Waze? I dispatched someone other than me (and younger than me) to find out!

Review: May It Last: A Portrait of the Avett Brothers

This is from one of our occasional Guest Chick reviewers who just happens to be a big Avett Brothers fan. Thanks, Marcianne Miller. In this heart-tugging, intimate portrait of the country’s wildly popular folk-rock act, the music is accessible and clear — and the message that echoes after the film is over– is a welcome reminder that in a few entertainment families, love and appreciation of one another weigh out over ego and fame. Cynics call such a message corny. For me and millions of the Avett Brothers fans, it’s a message worth clinging to and a film that merits repeat viewings.

A Newlywed Reviews ‘Rough Night’

The Washington, DC screening of Rough Night coincided with the opening night screening and reception of the AFI Documentary Festival. Ironically, the free booze came with the latter. So while Arty Chick and I drank wine and schmoozed with documentary filmmakers at the Newseum, Guest Chick Maggie Mazzetti ventured down the road to watch Rough Night on our behalf. Maggie is a newlywed. So, really, who better to weigh in on a raucous comedy involving a bachelorette weekend than someone who recently engaged in prenuptial shenanigans (okay, hers were probably a bit more subdued and crime-free). Anyway, here’s Maggie’s take on Rough Night: