Full disclosure: I don’t know a Glader from a Wader. I’ve never read the books and somehow missed the first two installments of the young adult dystopian sci-fi Maze Runner movie franchise. So I wasn’t about to play hookie from my day job to catch a mid-afternoon screening of Maze Runner: The Death Cure, aka Maze Runner 3, the “epic finale” of the Maze Runner saga. I’m told the story has something to do with a group of escaped Gladers breaking into the legendary Last City, a dangerous and deadly labyrinth. Will they find closure – and a way out? Do they have Waze? I dispatched someone other than me (and younger than me) to find out!

While the majority of professional critics have been less than impressed with the Cure and its bloated running time, they aren’t really the target demo – unlike “Guest Teen Chick” Jayde Entwistle. Jayde made her Chickflix debut with her (glowing) review of The Divergent Series: Allegiant back in 2016. So I sent her to Maze Runner: The Death Cure in my place, and here’s what SHE had to say about the final act of one of her franchise faves.

“This movie was wonderful! I have followed the series and feel that the actors did an amazing job with the characters. I cried multiple times. From what I remember of the Scorch Trials (sequel), The Death Cure picks up where it left off and was intense and exciting. I really enjoyed the zombie aspect. They seemed so realistic! The movie did start to run on and have unnecessary explosions toward the end, but it definitely put me through a roller coaster of emotions. Thank you so much for giving me your spot and letting me see one of my favorite movie series!” -JE

Thank you, Jayde.

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