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Review: Driven to Abstraction

As the saying goes, when something seems to good to be true, it probably is. Driven to Abstraction is a documentary about the biggest art scandal of this century. I remember being fascinated by the story when the news first hit in the early 2000s. One of the oldest art galleries in America was accused of selling dozens of fake paintings by many of the greats of the Abstract Expressionist period – Pollock, de Kooning, Rothko, Motherwell, Deibenkorn. The scam was exposed when one of those Pollocks was examined and the buyer was informed that it was a forgery. From there others began checking the paintings they’d bought from Ann Freedman, the highly-respected president of the gallery. And before it was over at least 40 other modern masterpieces turned out to be forgeries, and the Knoedler & Company gallery was forced to shut its doors after 165 years. At the center of the doc is the still unanswered question, was Ms. Freeman a greedy and willing participant or was she duped by a great scam artist?