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Premium Rush

Premium Rush is a fun ride – on two wheels- without brakes. It’s sort of like Speed on a bicycle. The film moves at a steady clip, doesn’t make you think too hard, and stars one of my favorite actors, Joseph Gordon-Levitt (if you haven’t seen him in 50/50, put it on your list!). I was a bit afraid that Gordon-Levitt might have phoned this one in, considering his star turns in the current blockbuster The Dark Knight Rises (playing an idealistic rookie cop) and the upcoming, much-buzzed-about futuristic flick, Looper, which hits theaters in late September. But gosh darn it, he’s so freakin’  cute and likeable that I’ll forgive him a year of potential over-exposure.

Gordon-Levitt plays Wilee, a bike messenger who picks up an envelope that a dirty cop (Michael Shannon) is anxious to get his hands on. The cop pursues Wilee through the streets of Manhattan, determined to get the envelope back before Wilee can deliver it to its intended recipient.