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Quickie Review: My Psychedelic Love Story

This latest documentary from Academy Award winning filmmaker Errol Morris (The Fog of War, The Thin Blue Line) centers on Joanna Harcourt-Smith and her relationship with the father of psychedelics, Timothy Leary. They met in 1972 after he’d escaped from prison in California and was hiding out in Switzerland. She was 27 and he was 52. And they had what they both described as a perfect love. They tripped their way around Europe, just ahead of Interpol, hanging with the rich and famous, until they were captured in Afghanistan and shipped back to the US. And once he was jailed again, she set herself to work to get him sprung. But when he finally did get out, and they were put into witness protection, he dumped her. While Leary is a fascinating character, My Psychedelic Love Story is really Harcourt-Smith’s movie. And she’s a hoot, though probably not the most reliable narrator.