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The Intouchables

The Intouchables is my new favorite French feel-good film! Based on a true story, I must admit, the premise sounded like a total downer. A rich Parisian quadriplegic hires an angry, young black man from the projects to take care of him, and they develop a real friendship. It’s a cross-cultural buddy film plot that could easily have fallen into cheesy clichés, but instead is funny, sweet and totally engaging with a kickin’ soundtrack. A large part of the film’s success lies in the casting of the two leads. Omar Sy plays Driss, a ne’er do well who has no interest in the job, but only shows up at the interview to get a paper signed so he can say he has applied and get his welfare check. And Francois Cluzet plays Philippe, the super-rich aristocrat who became wheelchair bound after a paragliding accident and is sick to death of being pitied.