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Quickie Review: Emily @ the Edge of Chaos

Looking for something funny and quirky and thought provoking? This live performance documentary by the late stand-up performer Emily Levine will keep you laughing and scratching your head for all its 61 minutes.  It’s a hard one to describe. She’s telling jokes and stories, but relating everything in the world to the physics that controls the entire cosmos. Animated scientist characters voiced by John Lithgow, Lily Tomlin, Leonard Nimoy and others add to the fun. Her stories about her life and an illness that robbed her for a time of the wit and intelligence plainly on display here are an entré into her view that we are in the midst of a huge paradigm shift. It’s a lot to take in, but entirely fascinating!

Star Trek

The latest entry into the vast canon of Star Trek movies and TV series is a whole lot of fun.  Cute guys in the leads, Zachary Quinto as Spock and Chris Pine as Kirk, certainly don’t take away from the pleasure.  But beyond that it has a good story, going back to where they began their careers in Star Fleet academy. It is no doubt a prequel to all the rest of the movies to come in that  we are introduced one by one to the characters that defined the original series: Uhura, Sulu, Chekov, Scotty and Bones, each takes their place along side Kirk as he performs one heroic feat after another on his path to becoming the captain.  By the end, we are set up for any and all sequels they want to make. And I hope there are many, if they can continue in this vein.