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Review: The Letter

In this fascinating documentary from Kenya, Karisa a young man living in the big city of Mombasa travels back to his home village when he hears through Facebook that his grandmother has been accused of being a witch. Of course we would all find it ridiculous, but in Kenya it’s a serious danger, especially to the elderly. And as Karisa searches for the person who made the accusation, he finds that it is his Uncle Furaha who blames her for his daughters not getting pregnant. His grandmother Margaret Kamango is a warm, proud woman who is still at the age of 90-something farming her land. She regularly attends church and there’s nothing strange or sinister about her at all. And the witchcraft accusation seems like a minor bother to her. But as the film progresses, it becomes clear that accusations of witchcraft are being used as an excuse in the country to kill the elderly and take their land. It’s horrifying.