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Man of Steel

The new “Superman” movie is getting some mixed reviews, but here’s the real deal on the Man of Steel: It’s definitely worth seeing – just keep your expectations in check and don’t over-think it. It’s not a perfect movie. It’s probably not the best action-hero movie you’ll see this year. But it is an interesting and entertaining re-imagining of the Superman mythology. He’s still the guy who can leap tall buildings in a single bound (once he realizes he can fly) and fight the good fight for truth, justice and the American/Earthly way. He just goes at it from a slightly different angle.

(My) Tales from the Warner Bros. Lot

Sometimes a film finds its value – or added value – in the memories it stirs. Such is the case with a new documentary commemorating Warner Bros.’ 90th Anniversary. It’s called Tales from the Lot and it’s basically an extended marketing video that traces the evolution of the legendary studio from its humble beginnings to the entertainment behemoth that it is today. It’s not a great film. But it did bring back memories of a time, circa 1995, when I, um, sort of snuck onto the WB lot to snag a pic of myself in front of The Daily Planet. Yes Chief, The Daily Planet. After all, I was a young journalist harboring a crush on SupermanI couldn’t just walk across the façade of Lois & Clark‘s Metropolis without paying homage! Thus my own tale from the Warner Bros. lot: