EveryLittleStepIf you like Broadway musicals, you’ll definitely like Every Little Step. This pleasant documentary chronicles the creative genesis of the 1976 Tony-Award winning musical A Chorus Line and takes you inside the casting and audition process for the show’s revival some 30 years later.

The movie has its flaws… It’s easy to lose track of who’s who among the hopefuls, and there’s no real surprise or mystery as to will make the final cut. But there are enough moving moments, interesting tidbits and funny asides to put today’s “reality” competition shows to shame. This movie showcases real people with real backstories and most important – real talent – who just want their shot at stardom… or at least a shot at a job doing what they love. (cue music: “I really need this job…”)

I recently saw a PBS documentary called In the Heights: Chasing Broadway Dreams. It was terrible. Every Little Step offers hope that such documentary projects can and should be done much better. It may not be reach the “singular sensation” status of A Chorus Line itself. There’s no substitute for the real thing. But it’s a “step” in the right direction.

2 thoughts on “Every Little Step: The Journey of A Chorus Line”
  1. I enjoyed this movie, just maybe not as much as Mainstream Chick who is a true musical fan. There were those funny bits, poignant moments and heartbreaks. But there were also “I’m falling asleep here” scenes and “This is a set-up” shots.

    I was most taken by the Michael Bennett audio tapes where he and a bunch of dancers in NY sat down and talked one night back in early 70s and those conversations became the basis of A Chorus Line. I was also very glad that I never wanted to become a dancer/actor/singer because they have the toughest life. I cannot imagine going through what they do. God bless them!

  2. For anyone who’s every been to an audition and said, “G-d, I hope I get it,” A Chorus Line struck a nerve. This documentary shows the REAL thing on which A Chorus Line is based. Real people trying to get a part. I cried a lot. I also sang a lot, so it’s a good thing I was watching alone.

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