Get ready for the shortest review in Mainstream Chick history. But sometimes, less really is more. So here goes:

Diehard ‘Gleeks’ – go, have fun, rock out.

Everyone else – skip it.

2 thoughts on “Glee: The 3D Concert Movie”
  1. Okay, in response to an off-line query, here’s why:

    If you don’t already know (and like) the characters, the whole thing will make little sense. It’s basically a rehash of top performances that Gleeks will have already seen (right down to the costumes) throughout the season(s). These “kids” are definitely talented, but the movie as a whole is very fleeting entertainment. And the stuff between the performances felt more like an after-school special, featuring the stories of some real-life teens, the challenges they’ve faced, and how “Glee” has helped them cope and thrive. Cue the music!

  2. Short but sweet review and really, what more do you really need to say. Although I am a “Glee” fan, I don’t think I’m hardcore “Gleek” enough to bring myself to go see this. I suppose if the absence of new episodes has left a hole in your life this summer then it’s a must see. Otherwise, I’ll wait for the premiere of the new season on TV.

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