Two of my favorite Frenchmen are in this movie: Jean Dujardin and Jean Reno. And it just proves that The Artist was not a fluke. The camera does love Jean Dujardin’s face. He is the epitome of suave playing the title character Cash, the consumate con man (who I’d happily fall for any time.) Ca$h is essentially a French Ocean’s Eleven with Dujardin and Reno playing two of the many Parisian thieves vying to pull off an enormous diamond heist. And it is a lot of fun.

It is very fast paced and you’re never quite sure who the good guys or the bad guys are, because isn’t that part of a great con? So just when you think you’ve figured out the game, something changes. Is he in love with the girl or is she his mark? Is the cop really in on it or is she going to bust them? It isn’t deep or really confusing. It’s just an entertaining ride with beautiful people to watch in gorgeous locales. And the less I say about the plot the better since the twists and turns are the fun of it. MCDCASH EC057

It was made in 2008 and has a very French vibe about it, with a style more like the original 60s Ocean’s Eleven than the Soderbergh version. It is not going to go down as one of the great films, but it is good entertainment for what it is — a very clever heist flick streaming on Netflix. So go get yourself an unassuming French wine, a baguette, and a nice hunk of cheese and enjoy! It is worth it just to watch Jean et Jean, in my opinion.

I am afraid all I could find was a French trailer, but you get the drift!

2 thoughts on “Ca$h”
  1. I saw this film a few months ago, as I too am a big fan of Dujardin and Reno, I am also a big heist con-artist film fan, though over the years I’ve become quite good at seeing the end game coming. I am happy to say I did not see the end game in this film and was pleasantly and wonderfully surprised. A delight from beginning to end, plus all that gorgeous French scenery.

  2. I had never heard of it, but Jean et Jean were enough of a draw, especially when I was in the mood for pure escapist entertainment, which is what it does very well. I like a good heist flick, too, and never quite knew what was coming next.

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