We're The Millers poster We’re the Millers is sort of like a twisted, R-rated version of the classic family vacation comedy, National Lampoon’s Vacation. The Millers may occasionally step one (or more) toke over the line, but it does have some very funny, squirmy, and surprisingly sweet moments. Here’s the gist: Jason Sudeikis plays David Burke, a small-time pot dealer who creates a fake family out of some neighborhood misfits, so he can smuggle a large shipment of weed out of Mexico with minimal suspicion, and clear a debt with his obnoxious supplier (Ed Helms).

After a bit of prodding, and cash incentives, David loads his fake wife (the cynical stripper, Rose, played by Jennifer Aniston) and their two fake kids (the dorky neighbor Kenny, played by scene-stealer Will Poulter, and the homeless runaway Casey, played by Emma Roberts) into a shiny new RV – and off they go!

The movie is somewhat formulaic as the pretend family endures – and overcomes- one potential crisis after another, gradually bonding along the way. The ‘bonding’ does get kind of gross at one point – when ‘sis’ and ‘mom’ both teach Kenny how to properly kiss a girl. And then there’s a scene where poor Kenny gets bitten in the balls by a tarantula… Eek. And if you’re expecting the full monty from Aniston’s character, you will be sorely disappointed, though she does do a Flashdance-esque routine to help the family get out of a sticky situation with a Mexican cartel. So keep those dollar bills handy.

Bottom line: We’re the Millers was better than I expected, thanks mostly to an engaging cast that also includes solid support from Nick Offerman and Kathryn Hahn as a quirky couple the Millers encounter along the road. It’s mindless summer vacation fun – just not for the whole family, if you get my drift.

The trailer pretty much sums it up:

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