And So It Goes posterAnd So It Goes… without saying… that this movie is about as memorable as its title, which I couldn’t remember five minutes after leaving the theater. Sure, it’s interesting – in a nostalgic sort of way – to watch two veteran actors share the screen, playing age-appropriate characters. But in this case, it needn’t be the BIG screen. And So It Goes belongs on the SMALL screen – as a ‘second chance at love’ special on Lifetime or the Hallmark Channel.

Michael Douglas plays Oren Little, a self-centered realtor trying to sell the house he once shared with his late wife and estranged son. He’s perfectly content to be ornery and alone, until his son drops by on his way to jail… to drop off the grand-daughter that Oren never knew he had, and doesn’t care to know.

Oren’s neighbor, a weepy widowed lounge singer named Leah (Diane Keaton) immediately steps in to care for the sweet, abandoned child, at least until Oren comes around, which doesn’t take long. Oren and Leah also get, ahem, close.

Rob Reiner directed this 94-minute piece of fluff, filled with a little comedy, a little drama, and a little romance. It’s a combination he’s usually quite adept at crafting. But this time, the effort to be uplifting simply falls flat.

Now, if you can still remember the title of the movie without looking, then by all means, go see it.

Yeah, I thought so.

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