Allegiant posterHere’s the deal. It doesn’t really matter what I think of Allegiant, the third installment of the Divergent series franchise, based on the best-selling books by Veronica Roth. It only matters what the target audience thinks. So, with that in mind (and due to a scheduling conflict on my part), I sent a member of said target audience to watch the movie in my place, and here’s what she had to say:

I, 12 year old Jayde Entwistle, thought that the movie Allegiant was awesome! I loved all the drama and action. One of my favorite parts in the movie was in the beginning when Four, Caleb, Tris, and Chris were climbing the wall and Caleb slips and bangs his face against the wall. I also liked when they where being chased by a car and Tris jumps down and plants a bomb on something so that when the car drives by they get blown up. When Tris and the others reached the Burades, they gave Tris and all them a weird/cool shower to get all the toxins off them. After they got their showers they got a sort of tattoo that lets you know if you are pure or damaged. Tris was pure and the others were damaged. When they got to the Burades that was probably my favorite part because the Burades had cool things they use to fight with like these cool drones that can capture people and make them fly and they did other awesome stuff! There were lots of other cool scenes and the over all movie was AMAZING!!

There you have it, folks. No need for me to delve deep into the plot. All you need to know is that Allegiant is a continuation of the sci-fi action adventures of Tris (Shailene Woodley) and her boyfriend Four (Theo James), two ‘divergents’ struggling to save a world that is divided into factions based on a particular human virtue. The pair escape beyond the closed walls of their home city of Chicago, only to discover all sorts of new ‘truths’ about the past and future of their society. Of course, Allegiant is just a means to an end, since Hollywood producers are now compelled to turn every decent trilogy into FOUR (fill in the blank) movies. So Jayde and the rest of the Divergent fans out there will have to wait until June 2017 to see how it all ends in The Divergent Series: Ascendant. Chances are, however, that they’ve already read the books and know exactly how the series ends. And that’s okay. The books – and movies- appear to be serving their audience (starved for Hunger Games-esque entertainment) well enough… so more power to ‘em! And thanks Jayde for your review! It was awesome! 😉

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