The world is a scary place. So do we really need a movie about a homicidal maniac on the loose? Apparently, we do. At least, that’s what Hollywood is counting on with this sequel to the 1978 classic Halloween starring Jamie Lee Curtis. This time around, Curtis – reprising her role as Laurie Strode – is again confronted by Michael Myers, the shadowy masked figure who nearly killed her 40 years ago.

Once again, it’s Halloween. And Myers manages to escape authorities during a prison transfer gone awry. Let the killing spree begin again! If there’s a knife nearby, Myers is sure to get his hands on it. Nobody is safe, including Strode. But this time around, she’s ready for him – sort of. She’s spent the past four decades in a state of paranoia and preparation for a final battle with the seemingly invincible Myers. There’s plenty of creepy music and tension and violence and bloodshed, and even a bit of humor. Everything the horror fan could ask for.

I know there are millions of people who love this genre. I’m just not one of ‘em. If you are, then treat yourself to Halloween! What can possibly go wrong?

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