And so it ends… in a suitably epic and satisfying way. Avengers: Endgame is a superhero chick flick – part drama, part action, part tearjerker. It’s also part comedy, in that witty yet poignant style that has come to define the Avengers whenever they are called upon to assemble. Three hours of non-stop efforts to turn back the hands of time without sacrificing the future. Avengers: Endgame is a gift to the Marvel Cinematic Universe fanbase that has seen most if not all of the 20+ movies that began with the debut of Iron Man in 2008. If you don’t care for Marvel movies to begin with, then move along; Endgame is not for you. If you are a fan, and haven’t been able to get the image of superheroes turned to dust out of your head since the final scenes of Avengers: Infinity War in 2018, then it doesn’t matter what I write, or say, about Endgame. You have to go. Sooner rather than later to avoid any spoilers or buzzkill.

Do I understand exactly how everything went down in this movie? No. Do I care? Not really. All I know is that I gleefully watch the Avengers movies primarily for the dysfunctional family dynamic between Iron Man/Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) and Captain America/Steve Rogers (Chris Evans). Avengers: Endgame does an admirable job completing their characters’ story arc while giving many other key players their moments to shine as well.

So what can I tell you about the actual plot? Basically, this:

Endgame picks up shortly after Infinity War left off, with Thanos having wiped out 50% of all living creatures (including many of the Avengers) with a snap of his infinity-stone decorated fingers. It’s now up to those who survived to bring back what they’ve lost, or die trying. Whatever it takes.



And then _____________ shows up. Meantime, Natasha is taking on the role of _____________. Hulk is full of bulk. And Thor is, well, _____________. OMG! Tony Stark decides he can’t ___________________, but of course, that all changes when ___________________.

There’s heartbreak, humor (including lots of time travel movie jokes), sacrifice, and an epic battle scene.



The movie is long, but moves at a steady pace, and you’ll still be tempted to stay through the final credits, at which point _________________ happens.

THE END. (Applause. Tears. Chuckles. Sniffles. Debate.]

Arty Chick weighs in: Entertaining? Yep. Heartbreaking? Meh. Yes, there is one death that made me sad for the future of the Marvel movie going public. But dare I say, I liked the previous Thanos flick better. It had more heart and a lot fewer storylines bumping into each other. It made caring about any particular character kind of difficult. But you’re going anyway, so enjoy.

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