The Cinema Clash talks Shirley, You Don’t Nomi, Spelling the Dream, And We Go Green

Cinema Clash pandemic 203x300 - The Cinema Clash talks Shirley, You Don't Nomi, Spelling the Dream, And We Go GreenIt feels like films are streaming our way faster than we can possibly watch, especially when day jobs get in the way! So once again, I refer Chickflix readers to my Cinema Clash podcast for lively discussion relating to some of my most recent viewing adventures! They include: the odd psychological drama Shirley starring Elisabeth Moss as a fictionalized version of acclaimed horror/mystery writer Shirley Jackson; You Don’t Nomi, a documentary that seeks to spin the 1990s fleshy flop Showgirls as some sort of misunderstood cinematic masterpiece; Spelling the Dream, a conventional albeit interesting documentary about Indian-American kids’ long-running domination of the National Spelling Bee competition; And We Go Green, a documentary about Formula E racing (yes, there is such a thing as environmentally-friendly racecars!); and, my 10-episode binge of the sitcom Space Force on Netflix.

All that and more in a special three-way quaranstream edition of the podcast featuring my regular co-host Charlie Juhl, and a virtual guest appearance by my college pal and devoted Cinema Clash fan, Brett Sonnenschein.

Tune in!


Listen to “Shirley There is More to Showgirls” on Spreaker.

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