In this Korean thriller, a man wakes up from a drunken night. His clothes are covered in blood and he has no memory of how they got that way. But he soon finds out that his wife was murdered and he’s the chief suspect. Of course, he can’t say for sure he didn’t do it. And he’s suddenly on the run, as the memories of the previous night slowly return, and he has to figure out what exactly happened before the police can catch up to him.

Jeong-ho Choi (Si-eon Lee) is separated from his wife who he still loves because he has a serious gambling problem. So his search for the truth takes him into the gritty underworld of prostitutes and loan sharks. The cop on his trail, Lt. Daeyeon Choi (Nae-sang Ahn), is somewhat inept, which works to his advantage, as he’s always one step behind. And the night of the murder is revealed in flashbacks as Jeong-ho himself pieces together his drunken journey. There are twist and turns and surprises along the way best left to be seen. And you’re not entirely sure whodunit until very close to the end.

The blackout drunk murder story may have been told before, but the way Killed My Wife is shot adds to the enjoyment of this entertaining thriller. Adapted from an online comic, the visuals use the same look and feel of one. Jeong-ho reminded me of Adam Sandler’s character in Uncut Gems. You don’t really like him much, but you feel for him. This is a film for lovers of dark thrillers, especially if you’re into Korean cinema.

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