Another World War II film based on true events, Recon is an adaptation of the book “Peace” by Richard Bausch. It’s the story of four soldiers in the waning days of the war who are sent out for reconnaissance in the mountains of central Italy. Early on their Sergeant kills a civilian, and that act colors everything that follows. All of them are tired of war. And they believe they’re on a suicide mission. They’re supposed to find the Nazis and report back on their positions, which could be impossible if they are found out. Along the way they enlist an old Italian man to guide them through the snowy territory, but the question of his sympathies keeps them constantly on edge. And there is an enemy sniper out there. This is no Band of Brothers though. The men don’t seem to have any affinity for one another. They just want to get home alive.

There’s not a lot more to the story. They walk through dangerous landscapes. They fear for their lives. They find the Nazis. And there is very little in the derring do sort of action, except right at the end. It’s more a meditation on the constant psychological pressure of being in war. The actors are fine, though no one stands out. There is not a lot of character development and really no one to root for. I think this one will appeal to military film lovers and people who’ve been in similar situations. The rest of us civilians, probably not so much.

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