Who can say no to a YES DAY? This movie is as simple as its premise, and that’s okay. It’s family-friendly entertainment that gives adults and kids alike pause – and cause – to ponder the boundaries of responsibility, and the joys of embracing a ‘can-do’ mindset. Within reason.

The movie stars Jennifer Garner and Edgar Ramirez as Allison and Carlos, a couple who said yes to a lot of fun stuff – before they became parents. Then ‘no’ became the word of the day. When their kids out them at school as family dictators (mostly Mom), Allison and Carlos agree to let the kids make the rules for 24 hours. Mom even agrees to a bet with teenage daughter Katie (Jenna Ortega) that if she lapses and says ‘no’ even once, Katie can go to a “FleekFest” concert (featuring H.E.R.) without Mom as chaperone. (hey – gotta set up some dramatic stakes, right?).

YES DAY is based on the book by Amy Krouse Rosenthal that has apparently sparked a movement. At its core, the concept celebrates family bonding, wish fulfillment and bending the rules. Eating ice cream for breakfast. Riding roller-coasters all day. Doing silly things. Playing hooky from work and school to spend quality time with the ones you love – even if they sometimes drive you nuts. Yes, you can!

In fact, we should all give ourselves a yes day at least once a month. Who’s in?

YES DAY releases on Netflix on March 12. It’s not perfect, but it has charm. And the family shenanigans are far more entertaining and endearing than The War with Grandpa.

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