A body falls onto the tracks in front of a Brussels subway driver as he pulls into the station. It’s every subway driver’s nightmare, but this time it is his own son. And it is no accident. Turns out his son was involved with some very bad people. So what’s a father to do except go full-on Liam Neeson and find the motherfu#@ers who put his boy there. And that’s what this Belgian flick is all about!

Spanish actor Antonio de la Torre is Leo Castañeda, a subway driver with some serious action hero skills. As soon as he’s home from the hospital the bad guys are breaking into his apartment looking for “something” they think he has. But they picked the wrong guy. Soon the cops are also looking to talk with him, since the surveillance footage from the subway shows he took something from his dying son. But he’s not about to tell, since it’s his aim to find his son’s killers and avenge his death. 

There’s some back story about why Leo is in Belgium, why he left Spain, what happened to his wife, and why he was estranged from his kid, but that’s just background. On the Edge is a not too deep action thriller with Leo figuring out who the bad guys are, what happened to bring his son to the edge of that platform, and how to take those bad guys down. And the cops are hot on his tail, but he’s smarter than they are and always one step ahead.

If this is your kind of flick, look for it now on Blue Ray and all the usual VOD platforms.


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