In this Swiss comedy, Alice (Esther Gemsch) and Peter (Stefan Kurt) are ¬†moving into the next phase of their lives together with Peter’s retirement. As a retirement gift, their kids book them on a Mediterranean cruise. But before they leave, Alice’s closest friend Magalie dies, and Peter takes it upon himself to invite her widower hubby Heinz along on the cruise, much to Alice’s surprise and disappointment. She was looking forward to the trip rekindling what had been lost in their relationship over the years. Clearly Peter is not on the same page, as he and Heinz spend more and more time together leaving Alice on her own. And one day, having had enough, she decides not to return to the boat after a shore excursion in Marseille.

Alice’s friend Magalie died while they were on a hike. But before she died, she told Alice to find some letters in her house and hide them. When Alice locates them, she discovers that they’re from a lover in France, so she decides to search him out, since she happens to be in France and she’d love to know who this secret lover is and let him know about Magalie’s death. Her odyssey leads her to meet a series of older people who are living very full lives on their own terms, and it changes her perspective on her golden years completely.

Golden Years felt somewhat familiar, reminding me of Shirley Valentine or even ¬†Enchanted April, films about women finding themselves by getting away from their husbands. What’s fun about this film is that while Alice is locating her path to a more fulfilling life, Peter and Heinz are, too. And by the end, everyone has a new and rewarding direction. It is a fun little film, especially for those contemplating retirement or already there.

In Theaters beginning February 23 and On Digital March 26

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