Pre-pandemic, I would not have bothered going to a movie about Garfield the cat. I simply didn’t care all that much about the comic strip cat known for his laziness, sarcasm, disdain for Mondays, and love of lasagna. But then, during lockdown, I adopted a cat. An orange cat. A curious, rambunctious, and sweet indoor tabby who acts as if the world revolves around her– and it kinda does. So all bets were off when this new Garfield Movie rolled around. I had to go.

Aaaaand… it was okay. But I’d rather hang with my cat.

The Garfield Movie has a great voice cast, including Chris Pratt, Samuel L. Jackson, Nicholas Hoult, and Ted Lasso’s Hannah Waddingham and Brett Goldstein! But unlike the best of the best animated films, it does not work on multiple levels to appeal to both kids and adults. It’s strictly a PG kids movie. So if your kid likes cartoons and cats, or you need a family-friendly pic for Memorial Day weekend, go for it. Otherwise, wait for streaming, or skip entirely.

The movie is basically an animated heist escapade that sheds light on Garfield’s (Pratt) back story while propelling him into an outdoor adventure. How did he come to live with Jon (Hoult), and where did he get that voracious appetite? Via “flashbacks,” we learn that Garfield’s dad (Jackson) left him in an alley, promising to return. He never did. Fast forward to present day, and Garfield has an unexpected reunion with his long-lost father Vic, a scruffy street cat carrying some major baggage. Garfield and his canine pal Odie get drawn into a scheme to steal a milk truck from a local dairy, Lactose Farms. Hijinx ensue, and Garfield and Vic ultimately get some closure on their past.

The Garfield Movie is in theaters now.

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