And the Oscar Goes To… Not a Clue

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August: Osage County

In the battle of Meryl vs Julia, who will chew more scenery? August: Osage County pits them against each other as the drug addicted Mom versus the only person in her large extended family capable of taking her on. Based on a stage play of the same name, it is a star-studded dramedy about what must be the most dysfunctional family in the state of Oklahoma all coming together after a tragedy. None of them want to be there, and I started to feel the same way, but stuck with it because it’s one of those acting slugfests you just have to see through.


First, the good news. The movie isn’t nearly as bad as its title. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of people skip this flick simply because they figure it has something to do with the economy. Zzzzzzzz. The movie should have been called Apple, because it’s not so much about Steve Jobs the man (as the title might suggest) as it is about the founding of the revolutionary company that Jobs started in his parents’ garage. A company that he was eventually fired from and ultimately got back.

Big Miracle

Big Miracle is a harmless family film. If you’re looking for a nice, wholesome movie to take the kids to this weekend, this is a fine choice. But if you don’t have kids clamoring to go see something, there’s no reason to pay for this one. It’s “inspired by” the true story of three gray whales that got trapped beneath rapidly forming arctic ice in Northern Alaska in 1988 and the international effort to save them. And it’s a good thing it’s based on actual events, otherwise this whale tale would be way too far-fetched. It just goes to show you sometimes truth is stranger (or cheesier) than fiction.