And the Oscar Goes To… Not a Clue

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Promised Land

Promised Land is a well-acted and well-meaning movie that unfortunately lacks the one key ingredient that every good drama desperately needs… drama. It’s almost too balanced for its own good, raising issues that could easily provoke and placate supporters and opponents of ‘fracking’, the controversial process of using water, sand and chemicals to fracture underground rock formations to obtain gas, oil, etc. That may be the intent of co-writers and co-stars Matt Damon and John Krasinsky. But the result is a movie that plods along at a mellow pace, without any major spikes of heart, romance, humor, horror, or grit.

Big Miracle

Big Miracle is a harmless family film. If you’re looking for a nice, wholesome movie to take the kids to this weekend, this is a fine choice. But if you don’t have kids clamoring to go see something, there’s no reason to pay for this one. It’s “inspired by” the true story of three gray whales that got trapped beneath rapidly forming arctic ice in Northern Alaska in 1988 and the international effort to save them. And it’s a good thing it’s based on actual events, otherwise this whale tale would be way too far-fetched. It just goes to show you sometimes truth is stranger (or cheesier) than fiction.

Something Borrowed

I opted to attend a screening of Something Borrowed as opposed to the surefire hit Thor because I was in the mood for a romantic dramedy and figured I paid my blockbuster dues last week with Fast Five. Sure enough, I got exactly what I expected – a decent, if somewhat formulaic and predicable, chick flick. No special effects, no crazy stunts, no superheroes. Just lots of pretty people getting mixed up in that crazy little thing called love.

Away We Go

I really enjoyed going along for the ride with Away We Go. Maya Rudolph and John Krasinski, who both give great performances, play Burt and Verona, a long-time couple about to have a baby. They live in Colorado to be near Burt’s parents. But when his parents suddenly announce they’re moving to Belgium, Burt and Verona realize they don’t have to stay there either. The question is: where should they go? They set out to answer it by visiting friends and family across the country and in Canada.