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Mainstream Chick’s Oscar Adventure

By now, anyone familiar with us, and our site, is well aware that Arty Chick and I went to the Oscars. Sort of. We’ve plastered our pictures on Facebook and across the social media universe and regaled our friends with tales from the Red Carpet. But in case you’ve just stumbled across or are hungry for more details, here’s how it all went down.

The Oscar nominated Live Action Shorts

The live action shorts are not nearly as short as the animated ones. Some even clock in at over a half hour. (The cut-off is 40 minutes.) I imagine that is because animation is so labor intensive. But the added time is not wasted. These movies are more than scenes cut from a longer story. They are stand-alone films where the narrative may be compact, but the characters live out their full arcs. And the genres for these films are as varied as the locations they cover — drama, fantasy, even comedy, in New York City, Somalia, and Afghanistan. All of them are extremely well made with interesting stories, directed with assurance and with some surprising casting choices. The full roster of shorts is showing in some theaters around the country, but I think that is a horrible way to see them. They should be seen one at a time before a feature, as the film gods intended. (You can view all the trailers at the end of this post and decide for yourself if you want to venture out ahead of the Oscars.)

127 Hours

James Franco rocks. Pun intended – but only sort of, ‘cause I’m gonna go out on a limb here and predict that Franco will get a best actor nomination for his role as gutsy mountain climber Aron Ralston, who cut off his arm to escape sure death in a Utah canyon in 2003. Ouch.

Best Picture Oscar

It is just days until the Oscars and the ballots are being counted and recounted by those nerdy accountants they always drag out. With 10 pictures in the running for Best Picture this year, I think it may split the vote all over the place and make it a very close race with several movies; the bookies, however, have it down to a toss-up between The Hurt Locker and Avatar. The real question though is not who will win but who should win for Best Picture? Cast your vote and let’s see if we at chickflix think the Academy got it right.

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The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences released their 82nd Annual Oscar Nominations this morning. With all the other awards shows and announcements of best lists these days, it is sort of anticlimactic when they finally come out. Not a whole lot of surprises here. And I’m not sure the increase to 10 Best Picture nominees was such a great idea. Here are the nominees:


9 is a strange little animated film, and I really had no idea what I was getting into when I went. Basically it is a dark, animated Terminator for kids. Machines took over the world and went to war with man and in the post-apocalyptic world that is left, a small group of burlap sack dolls wages a final battle against the Machine that killed the world.

Happy Go Lucky

We’ve all had those people in our lives that seem to be unnaturally happy. For those of us who aren’t like that, it can be very hard to take sometimes. Happy Go Lucky is about one of those people. Poppy is played by Sally Hawkins who won a Golden Globe for the role and got loads of other nominations and awards. The screenplay got a 2009 Oscar nomination for writer/director Mike Leigh, too. And somehow it went under my radar, so I had to rent it.