And the Oscar Goes To… Not a Clue

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Boyhood, the new film from Richard Linklater (Before Midnight, Bernie, Dazed and Confused) is getting a lot of accolades because of the way it was shot, over the course of 12 years with the same cast. In it you actually watch a boy named Mason (and his sister) grow up, from being a typical a 5-year-old to his first day at college, along with all the trials and tribulations that get him there, as well as the expanding and contracting family that he is a part of. I was worried it might be just a gimmick but Boyhood is the ultimate coming of age flick and it mostly keeps you engaged through almost 3 hours.

Before Midnight

Step one: If you haven’t already, go rent/watch Before Sunrise (1995)

Step two: If you haven’t already, go rent/watch Before Sunset (2004)

Step three: If you haven’t already, go see Before Midnight (2013)

If you follow the steps outlined above, you will be rewarded with some top-notch acting and storytelling. Skip a step, and you could miss the point.


Whenever I see that a movie is “based on a true story” I wonder how little of said story actually made it onto the screen. With Richard Linklater’s Bernie, the real life material was just too good not to make it into the film. And what a hoot of a story it is! It is without a doubt, one of the funniest movies I have seen in a while, in large part because of the real townspeople of Carthage, Texas, who are interviewed throughout the film delivering a hilarious play-by-play of the unfolding events in their little town.