And the Oscar Goes To… Not a Clue

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St. Vincent

St. Vincent is a surprisingly feel good flick, and a great deal of that is due the performance of Bill Murray, who has followed his early comedy career with some wonderful dramatic turns. He is fortunate to have teamed up with a very talented newby writer/director who crafted a layered character for him to sink his teeth into. But the film also has what could have been a pretty cliched story at its center that is slowly turned on its head as the film chugs along. Not that Bill Murray isn’t funny in this role. There are some very funny bits in that deadpan, world weary way only he can pull off. It’s just that the laughter is tempered with some dramatic moments that keep it from being typical curmudgeon comedy.

The Best Man Holiday

The Best Man Holiday is a chick flick wrapped in a male-bonding movie. It’s a drama. A comedy. A romantic drama. A romantic comedy. A sports movie. A reunion movie. A tear-jerker. Think Beaches meets The Big Chill. I know – that’s a lot to process. But the bottom line is, I rather liked this movie. It’s a pleasant diversion from the special-effects laden blockbusters and awards-season downers, and it deserves a bit of mainstream love, crossing over gender and racial boundaries.


This one’s tough. The performances are excellent, but I kind of wanted my two-and-a-half hours back. Prisoners is intense and plodding and psychologically taxing, and every parent’s worst nightmare. Hugh Jackman plays Keller Dover, a desperate father who decides to take matters into his own hands when his young daughter and a neighborhood friend go missing. Jake Gyllenhaal plays the lead detective whose entire life revolves around his job.