This weekend, a chick flick took over the top spot at the box office for the first time since… when was the last big chick flick? I think it says something about the way Hollywood makes movies. The summer is full of things for the boys, but seems to think that one chick flick every now and again will suffice. These numbers say something different to me. The romantic comedy has a place and people want to see them. “The Proposal” was Sandra Bullock’s biggest opening weekend ever, even beating “Speed.” (Take that Keanu!)

According to Adventurous Chick, it isn’t even a great movie, but there is an audience out there looking for something other than effects-driven action flicks and teenage humor. Hollywood listen up! Chick flicks are money makers, too. So get crankin’.

One thought on “Chick Flick rules the Weekend”
  1. Was it “Sex and the City” last year? Was that the last chick flick to top the box office? I think it was. Girl Power! And no it’s not a “great” movie but it’s fun, and Ryan Reynolds is a “good looking guy” as my mother put it.

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