It was a rainy, cold afternoon and just seemed like the perfect day to pop into a warm, dry theater for some mindless entertainment, so I settled on 2012 mainly because I am a John Cusack fan. And if you’re looking for mindless, this is the film to see. But be forewarned, it is not your usual disaster flick; this one clocks in at 2 hours and 40 minutes.

The basic premise is that the earth is coming to an end; the Mayan prophecy was right. Some strange sunburst activity has created this neutrino effect that has caused the core of the earth to overheat to the point that the surface is melting, sliding, crumbling, earth quaking and everyone is going to die. A few scientists know it, and they tell the President and other heads of state. Writer Jackson Curtis (John Cusack) stumbles upon the truth when he is out taking his kids on a camping trip in Yellowstone (which is just a day drive from LA apparently) and runs into a conspiracy theory spouting radio show host (Woody Harrelson) who is predicting the end of the world. Jackson is divorced, of course, and the cataclysm brings him and his ex back together.

The other main storyline is about the good scientist Adrian (Chiwetel Ejiofor) who first alerted the world to the catastrophe ahead and wants to keep everyone happy. He is up against the evil White House Chief of Staff (Oliver Platt) who is selling tickets on species saving arks being built in Tibet for a billion euros a pop. Thrown into the mix is a very rich Russian with his trophy girlfriend and bratty sons. Everyone is trying to get to China to get to the arks and all kinds of mayhem stand in their way.

The special effects are really the only reason to see this trite piece of celluloid. The script and direction are straight out of TV movie 101. I’d say it might be a good date movie, but who wants to waste two and a half plus hours at the movies on a date? Let the roosters go without you and meet them later. Stay home with a good video of your own that has some romance, or at least a good story. And please, John Cusack, give us another good movie like High Fidelity or Grosse Point Blank.

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