Megamind is megafun – for both kids and adults. I took my “seven-year-old excuse to go see animated movies” and both he and I laughed out loud at parts. He was so enthusiastic that before we even left the theater he asked when it was coming out on DVD.

“Megamind” (voiced by Will Ferrell) is a brilliant super-villain, who just isn’t very successful in his attempts at villainy because his dastardly plots are foiled time and time again by “Metro Man” (voiced by Brad Pitt). Theirs is a lifelong rivalry that began when they arrived on earth as infants from a distant solar system. From the start, Megamind was at a disadvantage. He landed in a prison yard and was raised by criminals so his sense of right and wrong is a little “off” – as is his mastery of the English language, leading to some pretty hilarious mispronunciations. (Well done, Mr. Ferrell.) Metro Man on the other hand, had every advantage and is the golden boy who becomes hero of Metro City.

Megamind and Metro Man battle it out for years with the same outcome – Megamind lands back in jail and Metro Man is hailed as the hero – until one day Megamind’s evil plot works and he finally defeats – and kills – Metro Man. You’d think he’d be happy plundering the city and going about his evil deeds unchecked. But without a “do-gooder” to spar with, Megamind finds himself without purpose and in the throes of an existential crisis.

So he decides to create a new do-gooder from Metro Man’s DNA, after all every villain needs a hero. As he’s training his hero,“Tighten” (voiced by Jonah Hill), Megamind starts to undergo a transformation, not in small part because of the love of a good woman – the TV reporter he used to always kidnap in the Metro Man days, Roxanne Ritchi (voiced by Tina Fey). It all leads to a final showdown involving Megamind, Tighten and (gasp! Could it be?) Metro Man.

Since it’s an animated family movie, I’m not spoiling anything by telling you it all works out in the end for our “hero” Megamind. But it’s a fun ride getting there. Grab a kid and go.

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  1. I really liked this one too. I crack up every time I think about Megamind saying “Metrocity” (you’ll ‘get it’ if you see it). The movie manages to poke fun at the whole superhero genre while still sharing a valuable message about the fine line between good and evil, and the powers of redemption and remorse. The kids and adults all left the theater smiling – and that’s the best endorsement of all.

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