Little Fockers could very well ride the Focker franchise to a modicum of box office success – despite the fact that it pretty much sucks. I was embarrassed for the likes of Robert De Niro, Barbra Streisand and Dustin Hoffman, though Streisand and Hoffman do appear only briefly in this sequel, as the hippie parents of Stiller’s character, Greg Focker.

I can cut Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson and Jessica Alba a bit of slack because my expectations for them tend to be somewhat lower. Okay, much lower. They always seem to play just slightly different versions of the exact same character, especially Wilson, who I had just seen the night before in How Do You Know?.

I could waste a lot more time and space filling you in on the characters, the plot lines, and the reasons the audience did occasionally laugh out loud, but seriously, why bother? It’s a sequel. If you saw and liked the first two Focker flicks (Meet the Parents, Meet the Fockers), then you may not dislike this one quite as much as I did. But if you’ve never seen a single installment over the past decade, don’t make this the first.  The Little Fockers may appeal to its fan base – particularly those in the mood for totally sophomoric humor (like De Niro suffering the long-lasting side-effects of a new drug for erectile dysfunction…. Hoffman flamenco-dancing his way through “manopause”… or eye-candy Alba finding some excuse to take her clothes off and jump into a mud pit.) Teenage boys should have a field day. But if you have any doubts at all about paying good money to see this one, go with your gut. Skip it.

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