The Sitter is basically an R-rated re-interpretation of the 1987 classic Adventures in Babysitting. The original featured a reluctant babysitter taking her charges on an adventure through the streets of Chicago in an attempt to help a friend in need. The Sitter features Jonah Hill as Noah Griffith, a lazy college dropout who takes his three troubled charges on an adventure through the streets of New York – in an attempt to score some drugs and get laid. It actually sounds worse than it is. Noah is a total shlub but he generally means well. And by movie’s end, valuable lessons are learned by all.

The Sitter is an okay movie, but it may suffer from an identity crisis. On the surface, it looks to appeal to The Hangover Two and Pineapple Express crowd. But deep down – it wants to be a chick flick.  So chances are, it won’t fully click with any particular demographic. One thing it did do, however, was make me nostalgic for the original Adventures in Babysitting. If you haven’t seen that one, rent it. Or wait for The Sitter to come out on DVD and enjoy one very trippy double-feature.


The Sitter is only 80 minutes long, but feels longer. So you may want to save 10 bucks and watch the trailer instead:


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