(Update: This is a marathon for all seasons)

It’s winter! Time to hibernate in front of the big-screen TV with a hot drink, a bowl of popcorn, and a stack of movies. In the spirit of the season, we offer up this first in what may be a series of suggested movie marathons. So, without further ado, the inaugural ‘Chickflix Movie Marathon Mix’ is… a celebration of Joseph Gordon-Levitt!

That’s right. JGL. He wowed us this year with his versatility in a variety of leading and supporting roles…

… as an idealistic Gotham City cop in the epic The Dark Knight Rises.

… as a time-traveling hitman in the sci-fi thriller Looper.

… as a NYC bike messenger pursued by a dirty cop in Premium Rush.

… as honest Abe’s son Robert in the historical blockbuster Lincoln.

Now, you may not be able to find Lincoln On Demand or DVD just yet. But that’s okay. Because we’ve got some alternate titles to add to the mix, including the 2009 awesome-soundtrack-infused romantic dramedy (500) Days of Summer… the 2010 action-adventure mindbender Inception… and my personal favorite, the 2011 comedy-drama 50/50 based on a true story about a young guy battling cancer. Seriously, if you haven’t seen it at least once, you’re missing out on a real gem.

There you have it. The JGL Chickflix Movie Marathon Mix. Have other suggestions for movie marathoning in the months ahead? Feel free to share! In the comments section below. Or on Twitter (@chickflixnet). Or Facebook (facebook.com/chickflix). Happy Viewing!

2 thoughts on “Chickflix Movie Marathon: Joseph Gordon-Levitt”
  1. Great selection, except for Lincoln. He is almost not there and it is a long movie to watch just for his small role. I’d go for the rest though for a very nice, easy on the eyes JGL fix.

  2. I agree. But it is rather cool that he managed to even make an appearance in that one! Lincoln is by far my least favorite of the bunch for any JPG marathon mania.

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