If I Stay posterIf I Stay is a tear-inducing chick flick. Not that there’s anything wrong with that… unless you’re trying to stay in ‘happy summer mode’ a few more weeks. This movie is kind of a downer, aimed primarily at angsty teens.
The trailer (below) pretty much says it all. So does the YA novel by Gayle Forman. But in case you haven’t watched the trailer, or read the book, here’s the gist: Mia Hall (Chloë Grace Moretz) is a mature high schooler with a loving family, a cute rocker boyfriend (Jamie Blackley), and a passion for playing the cello. But her life changes in an instant when a car crash wipes out her family and puts her in a coma. The movie then weaves in and out of her past and present as Mia – having a sort of out-of-body experience – ultimately weighs if it’s worth waking up to a very different life, or just letting go.

The movie has some sweet, poignant and cheesy moments and a few funny ones too. But it’s also a bit slow and melodramatic. Those who’ve read the book will likely be satisfied with the movie. But I’m hesitant to recommend it to a much wider audience, mostly because If I Stay doesn’t really stay with you for very long. And – it’s too much of a bummer for summer.

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