And the award for this year’s best slap-stick movie goes to … Lost In Paris, hands down! And though I’m not really a fan of most modern slap-stick, I loved this film. In it librarian Fiona (Fiona Gordon) who lives in the icy north of Canada receives a letter from her favorite Aunt who lives in Paris asking for her help, so she jumps at the chance and heads to France only to find Aunt Martha (Emmanuelle Riva) MIA. And then after losing all her possessions in an accidental plunge into the Seine, she meets kooky hobo Dom (Dominique Abel) who decides to help her find Martha, whether she wants him to or not. He is smitten. She’s desperate.

Lost in Paris aka Paris pieds nus is a wonderful way to see Paris. Fiona has always wanted to see the city and through her search for Martha gets a chance to see it in a way most tourists never do. Running away from Dom, visiting a crematorium, climbing the Eiffel Tower after dark. Aunt Martha it turns out is running away from nurses and police who want to put her in a home, and having a great time doing it. And as Fiona and Dom get closer and closer to finding her, their relationship, odd as it is, grows. Romantic? In a very awkward way. Hilarious? Absolutely!

Neo-vaudeville couple Dominic Abel and Fiona Gordon have been working together for decades and are well known for their physical comedy. Their previous two films were entirely lacking in dialogue. And in this film, they demonstrate once again their indebtedness to the greats of the silent age. There are numerous scenes of pure visual comedy and they are totally delightful. And their chemistry is perfect. Neither of them would ever be considered heart-throb material, but they are the best clown couple out there. Can’t wait to see their next film.

Yes, Lost in Paris is arty and quirky, but I recommend it to wide audiences, especially if you liked Amelie, Wes Anderson flix, or Buster Keaton movies. There’s nothing remotely like it out there. The film is in English and French (with subtitles).

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