Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg aka The Notorious RBG is a fabulous role model for the masses. At 85 and with 15 years on the highest bench in the land, it’s time that her story be told. She may be tiny, but she is formidable! This wonderful documentary is based on the autobiography she read in her own confirmation hearing, the story of her professional ascent to the Supreme Court along side the truly touching love story of her life with fellow Harvard Law grad Marty Ginsburg. It’s a must see film!

RBG herself is notoriously circumspect, so some big time talkers take the screen to sing her praises and explain why we should all be thankful she is on the court. President Bill Clinton, NPR’s Legal Commentator Nina Totenberg, Gloria Steinem, as well as her children, grandchildren, personal trainer, and close friends weigh in on her stamina and her intelligence. And then there’s the story of meeting Marty at Harvard, where she was one of only nine women in the law school. She tells us he was the first man she dated who appreciated her intelligence, not just her beauty. And she was a babe! He was unusual for his generation and supported her career, helping with the kids, and doing whatever she needed to succeed, even leaving his own successful law practice in NYC when Ruth was offered a judgeship in DC.

She was fighting for women rights and social justice from the very beginning. Twice in the film she quotes 19th century abolitionist and suffragette Sarah Grimk√©, “I ask no favor for my sex. All I ask of our brethren is that they take their feet off our necks.” That tells you everything about the way she approaches the world. Everyone should see this film. It is an inspiration. Women should take their daughters or perhaps the other way around. And woke men will appreciate it, too. My only wish after seeing it is that she live long enough to have a worthy successor. See it! #GirlPower

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